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    Sessions are held in my Beautiful Natural Light Studio, Ladies are treated to a Makeover and Styling to create the Dream Portrait Session. This is a Transformation Experience and a chance to see yourself differently.
    I show Women what they don't always see in the mirror and capture it for them to see and share with those that love them.

    It's Time to Exist in Portraits for Yourself and Your Loved Ones.

Before & After | Charlotte

Oh my goodness…I just loved this shoot, this before & after is every reason why I love photographing women of all ages! I had this image in mind and when it all came together I was screaming with delight, I think Charlotte thought I had lost the plot, lol!

Here is why…

Before_&_After_Birmingham_Portrait_PhotographerHere is the colour version.


Lace dresses and tops are my favourite to photograph! Although it looked great in colour I knew it needed to be in black and white too, I could just look at it all day long…:)

Next I made a tulle skirt (which is fast becoming an addiction btw) and charlotte wore it for a few sitting down shots, I love how graceful she looks…


So beautiful…20141127_Charlotte_dougan_394020141127_Charlotte_dougan_3942

I love my natural light studio, not only is it flooded with gorgeous diffused light, it is a calm place to be and this reflects in the images.

That is until we put some Music on and get the fan out.;)

Makeover_portraits_birmingham_uk What a smile! Big thanks to the lovely Anna for the  Hair & Makeup.

Have a great week wherever you are!

Cat x


Portrait Wardrobe Inspiration

I am pleased to be sharing more images from a recent session with the lovely Sekia and I thought it was a great example as to what to bring for a shoot. Sekia brought different colours and cuts that she likes to wear, she is very girly so we ended up shooting 5 different dresses. We started off on this shoot with a fitted bright blue dress, I loved the colour and the cut suited her so well, it had a casual glam look so it was a great outfit to start with.Cat_Marie_Portraits_Birmingham_Sekia01The next outfit was a beautiful pink lace dress, I loved how this colour sat on the backlight, so gorgeous! You don’t need to choose all dresses, a lace top would have the same effect as this.Cat_Marie_Portraits_Birmingham_Sekia02Next, We had a jersey red string dress (which I wasn’t sure about at first) but it worked well on the dark background and we also used this on the black & white beauty image too. a completely different look –  same dress.Cat_Marie_Portraits_Birmingham_03aCat_Marie_Portraits_Sekia03This dress was little more formal and had an elegance about it, she looks so regal in this image. I just loved this shot.Cat_Marie_Portraits_Sekia04And we finished off in this beautiful turquoise beaded dress, it really brought out the colour in her eyes!  I was surprised to learn that it only cost £12.99 which was shocking as it was so pretty on her.Cat_Marie_Portraits_Sekia05Its amazing how such a simple change of outfit makes a big difference to an overall portrait shoot. Fitted clothing works best on all body types and the right neckline can make all the difference. This is why with all bookings I offer a wardrobe consultation, I will guide you on what to wear and bring from outfits to jewellery and accessories. I invite you to come and play dress up in the studio.;)Enjoy the rest of your week! Cat x


A Beautiful Before & After

Well this week has been a fun one in the Natural Light Studio. 3 shoots in this week and I will be sharing with the ladies in question very soon. The light in the studio has proven to be everything I could have hoped for and more, and it is all starting to come together! We have a few jobs still on the to do list but I am happy with the progress so far!

Here is a quick Before & After taken this week on a Makeover Shoot. Meet the beautiful Sekia…

Before&After_Sekia copy

We had some fun posing and changing outfits for this session and this is one of many beautiful portraits taken on the day…isn’t she Gorgeous? I will share more from this shoot very soon!  Exciting! A Big Thank You to the lovely MUA Carolyn!

If you would like to get in touch about your very own Beautiful Portrait Session I will be taking bookings next week so get in quick to secure a session before Christmas.

Gift Vouchers for Christmas Gifts are also be available!

Have a Great Friday!

Cat x


New Studio – Coming Soon!

Makeover Portraits Birmingham UK

Its been less than a week since I moved into my space and it already feels like a second home! I’m now based at The Custard Factory in Birmingham and things are coming along nicely, we are not quite finished yet but i’m hoping to be ready for business on the 1st December. I will be posting a special for all bookings taken before Christmas!

Hope to see you in the studio soon! x


New Studio – New Start

Im so excited to write this!

I have a confirmed date for moving into my studio space in Birmingham, this will be the 15th November 2014 and I couldn’t be any happier! This is quickie on my blog to note this date, I will be keeping this space updated on a regular basis with plans and setting up. So much work to do!

I look forward to welcoming some lovely ladies into the studio very soon.

Stay tuned.

Cat x