Welcome to my website! I'm Cat, a Portrait Photographer based in Birmingham, I specialise in photographing women at my Birmingham based studio. My photoshoots include makeover and styling. My inspiration is a desire to make women feel and look their best beautiful.

Friday Finds | Pinterest Your Wardrobe

This week my friday finds is not really a ‘find’ as such, almost everyone knows of Pinterest which is very useful for a variety of things including  wedding planning and DIY ideas, I’ve been addicted for a while now. I use private boards to help me plan shoots, it really is a great tool for my business and personal needs and  I love it!

I love to plan so I encourage my clients to do the same with their wardrobe, a successful shoot comes from good preparation. I have a growing board with ideas of what outfits will work for a portrait session, everyone’s tastes are different so I have a variety of looks depending on how you would like to be photographed. If you love Pinterest and are thinking about booking a portrait session put your own board together with looks and colours to help you put together the perfect portrait wardrobe. Feel free to share with me too, I love sharing ideas!

cat marie pinterestCat Marie pinterest 02


Once you get started planning your dream photoshoot you will have so much fun, even if your not a big fan of shopping you can create boards and pin from online stores until you get your perfect wardrobe then buy in your pj’s! I’m an avid fan of home shopping, it’s the perfect solution to a busy lifestyle and pinterest will keep those details together until you are happy with your selections.

So get planning ladies, click on Wardrobe Ideas to link to my Pinterest board for more ideas!

Have a great weekend and happy pinning!

Cat x



Birmingham Makeover Photography | Emma

As some of you may know, Emma was in my video ‘Exist in Portraits’, if you have not seen it yet click HERE to watch. I mentioned I would be blogging images from the shoot/film and here they are…

I loved the mix of colours in her wardrobe, bright and cheerful just like Emma!




Cat_Marie_Portrait_Photographer_Emma_existinportraitsHow amazing is this green? I need this colour in my life! <3


These pink jeans were important to Emma, she wanted to be able to fit into them through eating right and exercise and she did! She looks so healthy and beautiful.

Cat_Marie_Photographer_Birmingham_Emma_existinportraits02The purple dress is what we used in the video, we wanted to capture just a small segment of a shoot and the purple really did pop and looked amazing on Emma. I just added some blingy earrings for a touch of glamour, no necklace was needed. She looks so elegant and confident!

This woman has big plans for the future and I am excited to see how far she goes, I will be working with Emma very soon and I look forward to seeing how she effects me and my business going forward.

For anyone that missed my last link to Emma’s website you can find out more about her business ‘Love me Slender’ Here.

Once again thank you to Adrian for the making of the Video/Behind the Scenes and to Kerry Baines for the fantastic Hair & Make Up!

Have a great week!

Cat x




Exist in Portraits | Emma | Cat Marie Portraits

This is Emma, she is a remarkable woman with a great story. As soon as I met her I was interested in her business and the woman behind it. I was thrilled to have the opportunity to photograph her and make this video, enjoy…!

As you heard in the video Emma has learnt to love herself and in turn become healthier and more confident, she explained she wanted a photograph in her raspberry jeggings as she had a goal of being able to wear them one day. And they did look fabulous on her:)She also loves her bright colours with purple and green being her favourites. It is very fitting to her colourful personality. Emma is a great example of how we think of ourselves is how we are percieved by the world around us.

It was interesting to finally make a video and it won’t be the last time we do it!

Thank you to my partner/retoucher Adrian for the Video and Editing, Kerry Baines for the beautiful Hair & Makeup and last but not least to Emma for sharing her story. You can learn more about Emma and her fabulous business at ‘Love Me Slender’.

I will be sharing images from this session next week!

Have a great week!

Cat x




Cat Marie Portraits | Friday Finds

As a Women’s Portrait Photographer it is important that ladies bring along clothing that it is both flattering and works well in photographs, This is why I offer a wardrobe consultation as part of the service. However I have been thinking of other ways I can help with shopping for items specific for a portrait shoot…so here it is, my first Friday Finds! I will be keeping my eyes open for specialist and high street shops that offer some beautiful outfit & accessories ideas that I would work well for a portrait shoot. I’m forever seeing items here and there and I thinking ‘Wow! I would love to photograph someone it that little number’ so I thought why not share them when I do?

My first Friday Find is a shop called ‘Quiz’, I spotted some beautiful outfits that would be perfect for a glamourous portrait session, these dresses are so pretty!

Friday-finds-01The blue and gold sparkly dresses and the pink lace were my favourites! The prices are pretty reasonable too at £49 – £79!

If you are looking for something glam for your portrait session then these are absolutely worth a look!

Happy Friday!

Cat x



The Lovely Sally | Photoshoot & Makeover

I love Sally, she is so friendly and a lovely lady. She was equally very nervous about the makeover photoshoot as are most women. During our wardrobe consult I really looked at her and understood what she was looking for from her shoot with me hence my trip to primark to buy a little something. I knew a peachy colour would suit her colouring so I got a bargain £4 scarf to dress up anything she brought with her. So glad I did as she had nothing in this colour so out came the scarf…and a matching flower from my own collection. OH how she glows!


Here is what Sally had to say about her experience:

“From the moment I booked in with Cat she was very friendly and professional. I found the Skype Wardrobe Consultation really useful beforehand as she helped me think about what clothes and colours I should wear to make the most of the finished photos.  

I was so nervous as I’ve never had a photoshoot before so I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. My makeover was lovely. They both made me feel really calm and I didn’t stop giggling. No serious poses from me! Cat tells you where and how to stand, How to smile and pose.

I was so excited to see the finished results! I look like me but very glamorous. I almost didn’t recognise myself. My eyes came to life and the poses were all very natural which came across in the pictures. It boosted my confidence to see how pretty I can look.

Cat is lovely. We chatted for ages over a cuppa and a biscuit. All in all I had a great day and I would do it again” x

Sally is welcome back any day, I love that she had the chance to see how beautiful she is, she deserves to feel good about herself as do all women.


Sally standing tall…yes she is beautiful and I could tell she felt it here, never let anyone make you feel less than your best beautiful! (including you) Sally has these images as a reminder, something we all need to remember when the harshness of everyday life makes you feel bad about yourself. Walk Tall!


Have a great Weekend and Valentines Day!

Cat x