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New Studio – New Start

Im so excited to write this!

I have a confirmed date for moving into my studio space in Birmingham, this will be the 15th November 2014 and I couldn’t be any happier! This is quickie on my blog to note this date, I will be keeping this space updated on a regular basis with plans and setting up. So much work to do!

I look forward to welcoming some lovely ladies into the studio very soon.

Stay tuned.

Cat x


From Venice With Love

It came as no surprise to me how much I loved Venice, I have wanted to go for a long time and it did not disappoint; it was full of friendly people, inspiration and art. It has to be the most beautiful city in the world!

We spent most of the time eating Ice Cream (which is amazing btw) wandering, drinking and taking in the atmosphere, and of course taking lots of pictures!


I loved the tones and the buzz, its so full of passion!With_Love_From_Venice03

Venice at sunset has a magic I will never forget.From_Venice_With_Love04

The City is full of colour, music, art and love, we hope to return sometime soon and I would love to have a Session or two planned in the city! Oh yes!

“Venice Stole my Heart…long may it survive so we may return.”


Cat xoxo

Going Italian


I’m sooo excited, as I am off to Venice with my lovely Adrian for a few days, YAY, I have always wanted to go so now is the time, finally ticking it off my bucket list :))

I will blog some images from my trip on my return, can’t wait to snap away at the most beautiful city in the world!

Unfortunately I’ve been a little behind myself posting these beauties, but they are so italian art inspired so I feel it is the perfect time for me to share them. I love the necklace and earings :)) super happy as I purchased this as a prop and it looked so pretty on the lovely Cassie. Something about a shiny jewels and fur that looks so graceful on a woman.  (it is ‘faux’ fur btw)




‘Arrivederci’ for now!

Have a great week!

Cat x

Burlesque Beauties

I love Burlesque! Having always wanting to photograph a show I was more than happy to be able to capture the Silken Burlesque Show, organised by the lovely Mina Von Vixen & Co. There is something about the world of Burlesque that makes me smile, women of all ages, shapes and backgrounds are welcome and celebrated for who they are. Hooray!



I asked Dancer ‘Mina Von Vixen’ & Compere ‘Miss Cherry Lace’ about why they became involved with Burlesque…

“I was approached by the manager of the foxlowe about putting on a burlesque show in January and I immediately fell in love with the idea. Leek needed something to shake things up! My interest in burlesque started when I was 14 and I started to choreograph acts. My ‘I put a spell on you’ act is the oldest one. I created this when I was 14 and debuted it when i was 18. Some of my inspiration comes from of course Dita Von Teese, but alot of my inspiration comes from performers I’ve seen myself. They have more of an impact when you’re in the audience. I have had confidence issues which have held me back from performing for nearly a year. I’m insanely happy to be back on stage. You get such a buzz! I tend to add a little bit of vampire into my acts. I love the old vampire films, hence how my name came about. – Mina Von Vixen

“Burlesque first came into my life whilst sat outside an exam hall at the University of Manchester. There was a poster of a gorgeous blonde lady provocatively holding her bra out to the side, up on the wall advertising weekly burlesque style fitness classes. I was intrigued, and jotted down the website to investigate later. My first thoughts were, this is amazing, I really want to be involved in this, and then my second thought was, oh my god, could I ever actually do this?! I am not a slim person, and my confidence in my body at that time was not very high at all, being a size 16, so I got in touch with the teacher of the classes to see if I would be fit enough to join in the sessions. Four years later, I have never ever looked back! So much was my love for how fit, fabulous and feminine classes made me feel that after two years of training I bit the bullet and trained to become a teacher myself. I was desperate to share with every single woman just how fabulous burlesque can make you feel, and wanted to fill every self-conscious lady with the confidence I have found from burlesque. After 18 months of teaching I have several busy classes full of students. There is NO greater feeling than helping someone be the best they can be. It is amazing how much of a boost burlesque can give you, and how many doors it can open up wide with regards to fitness, making friends and getting that self-esteem we all deserve. I have performed in countless shows, both as part of a Troupe and as a solo dancer, and recently have taken to the next step – talking to the audience as a show Compere. Had it not been for burlesque and taking that very first step, I would never have been able to stand in front of a crowd of strangers and act as a hostess as I did on Sunday at the Silken Burlesque Varietease.” – Miss Cherry Lace.

I love to hear what drives people to follow their passion, reading the girls stories I see so much of my own, having battled with low confidence all my life I can see why Cherry feels as passionate as I do about helping women feel sexy and beautiful. We all deserve that feeling.

For your pleasure…I have posted some of my favourite moments from the show below, I will post more another time, there were so many…;)



If this has inspired you to create your very own Private Peep Show in front of my camera. Get in Touch!

Or if you would like to try Burlesque but want to build some confidence first, I would love to hear from you.

Remember “Happiness is just outside your comfort zone”

magic_happensHave a great week!

Cat x


Cat_Marie_Photographer_Boudoir_SMILE02So its International Women’s Day today!   So i’m sure many fellow women of the world are thinking about what this day means to them? We have come so far in the modern world in Work, Business and Relationships but as the Theme this year is Inspiring Change there is a message that there is more for us to do.

I want to do my part by changing the way women see themselves, by giving women the gift of new found confidence with beautiful, sexy images of themselves. The way we feel about ourselves makes a difference to how we engage in the world around us and I hope to help many women to find beauty and acceptance within themselves. We all need a little more of that in our lives.

What will you be doing this year?

Have a Great Weekend!

Cat xoxo