Welcome to my website! I'm Cat, a Portrait Photographer based in Birmingham, I specialise in photographing women at my Birmingham based studio. My photoshoots include makeover and styling. My inspiration is a desire to make women feel and look their best beautiful.

Cinemagraph | The Moving Photograph | Cat Marie Portraits

What is a Cinemagraph? It’s quite simply a moving image (think Harry Potter stylie) I have been wanting to create a cinemagraph for such a long time, I. was. mesmerized the first time I saw one and now I have finally got to have a go; i’m addicted!



We took a little time from a recent shoot to do this as a trial, I wasn’t sure how it would turn out as it was a learning experience but now I know how it works I will be looking for excuses to do it again!

My lovely partner/retoucher Adrian and I figured this out so the movement is seamless and smooth and now i’m so excited to see what else we can create using this technique. I have ideas I will be looking to try out for sure! Its always great to flex the creative muscles and learn something new, who would have thought a moving image could make me that excited!:)

I love printing my work for clients, I strongly believe images should exist in print but I am considering adding a cinemagraph on as an additional service for anyone that may be interested, let me know if this is something you would like to see as a product and I may be offering it soon.:)For now i’m enjoying the process and planning another shortly.

Let me not forget, the beauty in the image is Zoe (and she really looks like Cheryl Cole here!) Zoe was such a star during our shoot together and I will be featuring more from here very soon.

Feel free to leave a comment or share if you like what you see:)

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Cat x



April 16, 2015 - 3:23 pm

Gabrielle Monaen - This is fabulous! The photograph is beautiful and the model looks stunning in it. And this effect makes it so unique. Keep up the good work! xx

Business Headshots| Photographing Men | Cat Marie Portraits

So today I have a guy on the blog… Yes I do shoot men too, the main part of my business is Women’s Makeover Portraits but I also offer Business Headshots to both Men & Women. I recently photographed Simon for his business profile for use online. As with women I photograph men in a contemporary fashion style and I have alot of fun doing it. I have had conversation with men at networking events who have asked “so you only photograph women?” Truth is I mainly photograph women but I also offer business/corporate headshots for men too.

In the new social media world anyone that owns a business needs professional images to represent themselves online. Why not add a little of your own style and personality too? I like to see who I may be doing business with and I know I am not alone there. A great profile image should show great connection through the eyes, its far more appealing to the viewer and a friendly face will always go a long way.

Cat_Marie_Portraits_Headshot_Simon_BlogpostSimon was great to photograph, he is a relaxed and naturally friendly guy so I photographed him with that in mind and it really shows in the final images.

As with my makeover portraits I offer a consultation to find out how I will photograph you to best fit your business profile.

Get in touch for more information.

Have a great week!

Cat x


A Beautiful Mother & Daughter | Cat Marie Portraits

It’s great when a Mother & Daughter share a makeover photography session together, makeover portrait days lend themselves so well to bonding and girlie fun. Julie contacted me to book a session for her Mother ‘Linda’s’ Birthday, she explained they both needed a treat and it was the perfect opportunity to spend some time together.

Linda is 65 and a fabulous 65 at that!


Linda has such a fab figure and an air of elegance and grace that I love!


Meet Julie. She has such an infectious smile, and her eyes are so so beautiful which were emphasized further by the eye makeup chosen. I could tell she was having a lot of fun in front of the camera!

As with every Mother & Daughter session I take images together. We discuss best clothing to wear together during the consultation and black is a simple yet beautiful choice. I love this series together.

Cat_Marie_Portrait_Photographer_Julie_and_LindaThere is something classic and timeless about black with accessories. I don’t encourage too many black numbers as one or two with a fantastic neckline is more than enough.

It was wonderful to have these two gorgeous ladies in the studio, lots of giggles and beautiful images to mark the day. I would encourage anyone to share a session with their Mother or Daughter. Celebrate your relationships and capture those you love for a lifetime.

Have a great week and as always – Exist in Portraits!

Cat x



Cat Marie Portraits | Feeling Relaxed in Front of the Camera

It’s interesting but not surprising to me that almost every client that I photograph says ‘I’m not photogenic’ I have also heard “I don’t know how to pose’ ‘I hate photographs of myself” and my favourite ‘I feel silly having my photo taken!’ I always reassure that my clients are just like everyone else which they are, I hear it so often but everyone seems to think its something “They” are doing wrong. Believe me you are not alone.

We live in a world under the spotlight, everyone has a camera or at least a phone with a camera, then there’s Facebook, Instagram & Twitter along with the ability to share instantly and im sure many of you have recoiled in horror by seeing an image you Hate out there for the world to see. Hello double chin and dark circles!?!…urgh!

Screen shot 2015-03-10 at 17.56.02

image source: Pinterest

I think the fear of being photographed is instilled in us because of all the times we have been photographed looking far from our best. But the truth is we all want that perfect picture of ourselves, whether it be for our social media, business profile or just to make us feel good, if we look good its surprising how that reflects in our mood. You know that feeling when you have a good hair day?

The job of a portrait photographer is to get the best out of the person in front of the camera, beyond the technical aspects the greatest images are the ones with great connection in the eyes. It does not matter how beautiful the pose or hair and make up looks, the power is in the eyes! A professional will always be looking to relax his or her subject to get a true expression.

Cat_Marie_Portraits_Sekia03So how does this help you relax in front of the camera? To be truthful a camera pointing at you will always feel alien and naturally you may stiffen up, this is normal. Here are 3 key points to looking relaxed in the finished images.

#1 Preperation: I speak with all of my clients before a session, that way we get to know each other and we can discuss how things will unfold and how to prepare, we also arrange a wardrobe consultation which will give you great guidenace on clothing and accessories. This will ease nerves and arriving pre prepared will help you feel so much more relaxed. The studio is a friendly home from home set up, with tea, coffee, biscuits and friendly chat you will soon forget your nerves.;)

#2 Interaction: When people think about a photoshoot there is a inner belief that there will be an uncomfortable silence, ridiculous posing and cheesy grins all round… this is not true in a professional situation. We will establish a connection before the day of your photoshoot, I understand fears and concerns so I encourage my clients to take advantage of our connections leading up to the session. As a professional, I will take the awkwardness out of the situation by talking you through the process, planning the flow and coaching you down to your fingertips.

#3 Bring a Friend or Loved One: My makeover photoshoots are for one or two ladies, I love to connect on a 1 to 1 basis with all of my clients during the photoshoot but it is a great idea to share a shoot with a friend, mother, sister or daughter, make it a girls day out and take advantage of your makeover by hitting the town for drinks or maybe a meal after the shoot?

Here are two best friends enjoying a makeover photoshoot.





My number 1 priority is to capture the most beautiful images you have ever seen of yourself. And of course that you enjoy the day.

I use natural light which is a lot less intimidating to the standard studio lights, it is also very flattering and my clients love the look. There is a perception of how photography studios appear with the huge lights everywhere you look and the hustle & bustle of other clients and staff which can be intimidating for some, this is what makes our private home from home studio completely different.

Come and see for yourself sometime!:)

Cat x